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We’re revamping the blog at Stella at Shadow Creek Ranch Apartments in Pearland, and you’re reading the first edition! We hope to create an online space where our residents can come to learn about events in town, new restaurant openings, apartment living tips and more. This will be a lifestyle blog, above all else. It’s all part of our offering at Stella at Shadow Creek Ranch, the apartments for rent in Pearland where a luxury lifestyle comes standard.

 Pearland TX Affordable Date Ideas Under $20

Setting aside one night each week for “date night” in Pearland, Texas is a must for long-term couples who want to make sure they’re spending enough time together. We spend more time with our coworkers each day than we spend with our significant others, which is why it's important to remember to make time for the most important people in our lives.

owever, the word “date” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “expensive.” Save the pricey date nights for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. Going all out on a date will mean more if you only do it every so often. For the other 49 weeks of the year, these are some ideas for affordable date nights. Each of these date ideas will cost you and your significant other less than $20. 

The $10 Cooking Contest

 Here’s a date idea that works whether you and your partner know how to cook or not. In fact, it might be even more fun if you’re both clueless chefs. Here’s how it works: You each get $10 to work with at the grocery store. Use this money to buy ingredients for a meal. You each buy your own ingredients and have to show each other the receipts after your checkout to ensure nobody cheated.

Bonus Tip: Choose a grocery store that’s on the cheap side. Taking $10 to Whole Foods won’t get you anywhere. The cheaper the grocery store, the more ingredients you and your partner will have to work with.

Next, go back to your apartment and start cooking. You can either take turns cooking or make it all at once, but each person must use only the ingredients that they bought themselves to make their chosen meal. Now comes the best part; enjoying the meals you each created! It might be hard to determine a winner since you’ll both be biased, but this date idea is more about the journey than the end goal.

The Morning Movie

Remember when going to the movies was a cheap alternative to dinner? Now, they both cost about the same once you factor in popcorn and drinks. If you’re going to one of those new theatres that has a waiter come to your seats, forget about an affordable evening. For the money you’ll be spending, you may as well go out to dinner and actually talk during your date.

Here’s a solution: Go to the movies in the morning. Next Sunday, you can roll out of bed and head to the nearby Cinemark at Pearland to see their earliest movie. You’ll pay matinee prices and as a bonus, you’ll have the whole rest of your day to look forward to after you leave the theatre.

The Midnight Breakfast

For this date idea, you and your significant other can either go to a 24-hour diner nearby, or stay in and cook bacon and pancakes when the clock strikes midnight. Instead of eating breakfast right after you wake up, try eating breakfast right before going to sleep. This date idea might not sound like much, but it's a fun, whimsical way to mix it up next time you need some quality time with your partner.

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