From Apartments in South Houston to European Adventure

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summer travel ideas for Huston residents

Summer Travel Plan Ideas for South Houston Residents

Hey Stella at Shadow Creek Ranch residents! Do you have your summer travel plans in order? Spring has sprung at our South Houston apartments, and residents are officially coming down with the travel bug. The PTO days are being requested, the new luggage is being purchased, and the winter weight is being shed in preparation for vacation. 

If you haven’t yet booked your flight, don’t fret. The Stella at Shadow Creek Ranch staff has got your back with an of affordable — yet adventurous — European city for you to check out this summer. We’re lucky to live in Houston where we have a major international airport right in our backyard. 

Travel Essentials

Before we get to that though, we want to make sure you’re prepared for your summer trip. First things first, have you bought your selfie stick? Sure they’re annoying, but also so worth it when you see your pictures and there aren’t any thumbs or fingers in front of the camera. Selfie sticks are necessary evil in this world. Just don’t get into any selfie-stick sword matches with fellow tourists.

Now that we’ve covered the travel essentials, let’s discuss the actual city that you’ll be visiting. Trips to Europe are almost never confined to one city. The European train system makes it easy for visitors to travel between countries for far less than the cost of a flight. We would love to be able to do the same type of day travel between Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, but alas.

It's easy to travel from the following city to many others around the continent, whether by train or by one of Europe’s affordable airlines The only hard part is getting across the Atlantic. Be sure to check flights not only out of Houston, but out of Austin, Dallas and San Antonio as well. Driving to those cities will be worth it if you can get a few hundred dollars knocked off your flight in the process.


Here is one of the most affordable European cities for Americans to visit, courtesy of the most affordable luxury apartments for rent in Pearland.

Most Affordable European City for Americans to visit

Porto, Portugal

This city is affordable for the same reason that many cities on this list are affordable; the dollar is about even with the euro right now in terms of value. That means you won’t be shocked by prices when you land in Europe, especially not in this mid-sized seaside town. Portugal as a country is very affordable to begin with, and was even ranked one of the world’s cheapest places to retire.

If you do decide to go to Porto, you’ll find restaurants with daily lunch specials as low as $3.50 (we’re using the dollar sign because the euro and dollar are about even right now.) Also, you should be able to find lodging on the coast or in the Old Town area for no more than $35-$40 per night.

So you know it’s cheap, now you just need a reason to go. Look no further than the Taylor's Port Wine Cellars. These wine cellars were built in 1692, back when Houston was filled with nothing but seagulls and alligators. Porto is also the gateway to the beautiful Portugal coast.

Make no mistake, Porto may be an old seaside town but that doesn’t mean it's stuck in the past. Modern architecture can be found all over town, and the city has a bustling industrial center that has kept the economy competitive well into the 21st Century. Porto can give you whatever kind of trip you’re looking for!

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